Publish a Watson bot to Messenger, in minutes.

Akeduk is a middleware-as-a-service allowing you to connect your Watson Assistant bot with a Facebook page, where users can interact with your work on Messenger.

You don't need to code or host anything yourself, we've got you covered.

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How it works

Akeduk acts a bridge between your Facebook Messenger app and your Watson Assistant workspace.

We provide :

  • Valid webhooks
  • A middleware to format Watson Assistant responses to the correct Messenger messaging format
  • A platform to store and process your data on both sides


webhook request
Messenger-formatted message

API call
Watson-formatted message

Watson Assistant


Fast deployment

Obtain a valid Facebook webhook, quickly.

  • No additional custom code
  • No additional hosting service
Screenshot deployment configuration

Messenger integration

The power of both Messenger and Watson Assistant, within reach.

  • Billions of users to interact with your work
  • Advertise your bot to Facebook users using the Discovery Tab
  • Watson Assistant as a powerful NLP technology
  • All of IBM technologies: Visual Recognition, Text-to-Speech, Tone Analyzer ...
  • The IBM Global Entrepreneur Program
Screenshot conversations stored

Conversation history

Observe how your users interact with your bot.

  • Conversation storage for business processing
  • Persistent storage : we keep track of where your user left off in the conversation
Screenshot conversations stored

Messenger's User Interface

All the features, in a few lines of JSON.

  • Quick replies
  • URL buttons
  • Sending image attachments
  • Receiving Image and File attachments
  • Typing animation
Screenshot Messenger User Interface for Bots

Attachment storage

All the documents sent by your users, in one place.

  • Organized by conversation
  • Easy access
Screenshot conversation documents

Watson context variables overview

Get an overview of all the Watson context variables used in a conversation.

Screenshot Watson context variables in a conversation


Generate documents based on a given set of Watson context variables.

Screenshot template configuration


is 99$ per month, all included.

saves you time and money by replacing expensive development and hosting costs:

Minutes to setup
Custom made
Software developer wage : 30$+ per hour
App hosting : 30$+/month at entry level
Several weeks of work
Start a 7 day trial

You can cancel your subscription anytime