: our step-by-step guide

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  1. Getting started
  2. Adding bot features
  3. Publishing your bot

: our step-by-step guide

Can't figure out something ? Send us a message

I. Getting started

1. Obtain your Watson workspace parameters

First, you need to gather some parameters about your Watson Assistant bot.

Go to your Bluemix console and open your Watson Assistant dashboard :

Then, select the desired Watson Assistant instance. Write down the username and the password displayed in your credentials.

Click on the "Launch tool" button.

Once the page is loaded, go to the "Workspaces" tab and identify the workspace corresponding to your bot.

Click on the ellipsis (the three dots) in the top right corner of the workspace card, and go to "View details".

Write down your Workspace ID.

2. Create a Facebook Page

A Facebook Page will be used as the identity of your bot.

When people chat with your app, they will see the Page name and the Page profile picture.

3. Create a Developer Account

A developer account is required to create new apps.

Create a new account by going to Facebook for Developers and clicking the ‘Get Started’ button.

4. Create a Facebook App

Now, you can log in Facebook Developers and create an application :

In your app dashboard, add Messenger as a product.

Go to Products > Messenger > Settings.

In the Token Generation section, add your Facebook page.

You will need the generated access token for later, keep it at hand.

5. Add an Akeduk bot

Log in Akeduk and create a new bot :

Go to your Akeduk bot settings.

Configure it with your Facebook Access Token, your Bluemix / Watson username, your Watson password and your Watson workspace id.

Finally, add a Facebook Verification Token. This token is used by Messenger to secure your communications.

You now have a valid webhook, ready to be used in your Facebook app :

6. Configure your app's webhook

Everything that happens to your Messenger bot is sent as an event to your Akeduk webhook. This is the core of your Messenger Platform integration where we will receive, process, and send messages to communicate with your Watson Assistant bot.

A Facebook app is the connection between everything Messenger and your webhook.

Go back to your bot dashboard in developers.facebook.com.

Add a webhook by going to Product > Messenger > Settings > Setup Webhooks

In the Callback URL field, copy/paste your webhook URL provided by Akeduk.

In Verify Token, add the Facebook Verification Token you configured in Akeduk.

Finally, you will have to subscribe to at least the messages and message_postbacks events.

7. Congrats, your bot is now available from your Facebook page !

Your bot is directly usable in test mode after configuring your webhook and your Watson workspace.

To communicate with it, you just need to go to your specified Facebook page, hover on the "Send a message" button and click on "".

Next, you will need to configure your Watson Assistant workspace to handle Akeduk's messaging format :